Warriors: your male FurClan cat

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FurClan is a Clan almost completely destroyed by the rogue Clan stealing their prey. They uses to have ranks of 35 cats. Now they have only 16! They have made a recovery in their strength since then, though, as most of the cats have gained their strength back.

Will you get little kit Pantherkit? Feisty young Woollytail? Serious warrior Sparkclaw? Defiant deputy Sharpgaze? Or clever camouflaged Bearpaw? Good luck!

Created by: Shadowstar
  1. You see a blur of grey in your vision while walking outside camp.
  2. You hear and smell a strange cat behind you as you realize no one from your Clan is there with you.
  3. You start to turn around, and instantly know you made a potentially fatal decision. The strange grey cat rakes its claws down your side, blood welling up to your skin as you yowl in pain.
  4. You painfully scramble to your feet, and are swiftly knocked down by a large paw.
  5. You let out a defiant hiss of rage as the cat comes closer to you and sits down, licking your wounds. The wounds IT gave you.
  6. After a few moments, it speaks, "I am Cat. But you can call me whatever. My friend says my name used to be Tony. I really have no name, though." He admitted.
  7. You get up after a few moments, and meow, "I have to get back now." Cat narrows his eyes as you sprint off.
  8. As you get to camp, you notice you have been followed. Cat shoves past you into camp and growls, "Petalstar." as your tan tabby leader steps from her den. Her eyes narrow and her gaze turns sharp as thorns. "Who brought him?!" She snarled. "It was him!" Heavystep nods toward you. "Why did you bring him?!" She rounds on you, snarling.
  9. "He followed me back, which I did not notice." You hiss through clenched teeth. "Very well." Your leader meows, then adds in the loudest voice she could without yowling, "Cat will no longer be known as Cat; he will be Trai, short for Traitor. And you," she turns to you, "will be Torio, short for Traitorious,until he leaves."
  10. That night, Peralstar exiles you and Trai to the apprentices' den while the apprentices get to sleep in the warriors' den. As you start to drift off, you hear Trai whisper, "You know, Torio, I'm thinking of staying here for awhile. Maybe even the rest of my life." You knew he didn't know what was so wrong with Trai, so you had no valid reason to be mad at him.
  11. The next morning, Petalstar makes an announcement. "I have decided that the apprentices will sleep in their den tonight while Trai and Torio sleep out in the rain. What do you think?" All you hear is a bunch of yowls of agreement. You know then that your life will never be the same as before.

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Quiz topic: Warriors: my male FurClan cat