What warriors clan are you in

What warrior cats clan are you in ShadowClan ambitious and bloodthirsty ThunderClan loyal and strong RiverClan skillful and graceful WindClan swift and sneaky or are you just a kitty pet or rougue

are you happy with your results are you in ShadowClan with both Tigerstar and where yellowing was born or ThunderClan with Firestar and greystripe or sandstorm maybe Windclan with tall star and deadfoot or River clan i can swim with crooked star or were you picked ou as a rogue or a kitty pet with a towel nest

Created by: RCSCTCWCWarriors
  1. you see a kitty pet what do you do
  2. you see an enemy patrol what clan sent is it
  3. You become deputy what do you do
  4. You fall, in the WC gorge are u ok
  5. you are starving on a hunting patrol
  6. you have broken warrior code before by...
  7. In battle
  8. your idol med cat
  9. at a gathering
  10. If you are a kit

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Quiz topic: What warriors clan am I in