Warriors: Your DrownClan warrior

MADE FOR BOYS BUT GIRLS CAN TAKE! Which of my OC Clan DrownClan toms will you get? Cranky old Deepeye? Brave young Foxtail? Or maybe clever warrior-to-be Tigerpaw!

This quiz is made for fun, not to copy or sell Erin Hunter's work. I do not own Warriors. If I did, Shasowstar would be the leader of DragonClan, and DrownClan, DragonClan, RockClan, FireClan, The rogue Clan, and FurClan would be real.

Created by: Shadowstar

  1. You see a fox creeping silently through the undergrowth right outside camp.
  2. A rogue leaps onto your back from behind you, sinking its thorn-sharp claws into your shoulders.
  3. An elder, Nightstream, asks you to take care of her ticks.
  4. You are patrolling and a cat across the RockClan border calls you over.
  5. Your leader, Fawnstar, asks if you will do something for her, but you don't want to, really.
  6. A badger kills a kit. You could have saved the kit, but didn't move fast enough.
  7. Boulderstar, RockClan's leader, stole prey from your territory.
  8. A tom in your Clan, Creekbee, tries to pick a fight with you.
  9. A wolf pup accidentally crosses onto your territory from DragonClan territory, where they are welcome. Wolves aren't welcome on your territory.
  10. A she-cat comes up to you and licks your ear for no reason.

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Quiz topic: Warriors: my DrownClan warrior