Which Warrior OC of mine are you?

Which apprentice of DragonClan are you, and what happens when RockClan threatens your Clan and you are captured? This starts out with questions from characters and ends with role plays.

Are you fierce Shadowpaw? Calm Jetpaw? Feisty Silverpaw? Honest Mistpaw? You will figure that out, as well as meet a handful of cats from DragonClan and RockClan.

Created by: Shadowstar

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  1. I'm Shadowstar, the leader of DragonClan.
  2. Okay, now Dragonfang will ask. Dragonfang: Greetings, now, what is your favorite color out of these?
  3. Okay, now it's Ravenwing's turn. Ravenwing: Hello to you. Now, what animal is your favorite out of these?
  4. Now, I guess no one else came, so time for some role playing! You see a rogue speaking with a cat from another Clan on your territory. You:
  5. More role playing. You are out hunting when you see a RockClan cat running toward you. He jumps at you, pins you down, and says that if you know what's good for you you'll stop struggling. What do you do?
  6. Still role playing. The dark brown cat holding you down snarls at a grey tabby tom, "Go! Lead the others to attack now!" You then notice that the dark brown cat is Boulderstar, RockClan's leader. He looks back down at you and says, "Rockrunner will take care of you, don't worry." He then lets you up. What do you plan to do?
  7. Still role playing. Before you can do anything, a dark silver cat, Rockrunner, bowls you over. "Please, first, eat something. We want you to be at your best when we battle your Clan tomorrow. We are camping in your territory tonight." He growls. What do you do?
  8. Still role playing. Rockrunner escorts you to a dead mouse and tells you to eat it. What do you do?
  9. Still role playing. When you hesitate, he cuffs you on the head, nearly knocking you off balance. You obey him and eat the mouse. He backs away from you, seeming satisfied. You wonder why. Then you start to feel drowsy. Your head spins. What do you do?
  10. Still rp. You stand there, dizzy for a moment, then take a step, and the ground comes up to meet you. The last thing you hear before losing consciousness is Rockrunner growling "Ahh, it's a shame you had to ignore my Leander's command to be quiet and lay there like a good cat." When you awake, you are on your side in a cave somewhere, with your front legs held together by vines. Your back legs are the same. You lift your head to look around, but a paw holds it down. It doesn't have to use much pressure in your weakened state. You accept the paw holding your head down. Then you feel something sharp jab your shoulder. What do you do?
  11. Still rp. You feel the sharp thing in your shoulder for a few more moments, and lose all feeling in your body. You faintly hear a cat saying, "I've done my job here. They can take you now." And you wonder if 'they' are StarClan. Then you again faintly feel yourself being dragged by a white-and-grey warrior. What do you do?
  12. Still rp. You are about to drift off when the warrior stops in another cave. Another cat growls, "Ahh, so this is the one you found. What did you give it?" You hear the warrior dragging you say, "Oh, Sageberry made a fine mixture of plenty of herbs that makes the muscles practically useless. He injects it with his claws." You are immediately dragged over to another place that you realize must be a nest, because it is lined with feathers. There is suddenly a tan tabby looking down at you. What do you do?
  13. Still rp. The cat looks into your face some more, then tells the warrior to leave. The cat then says, "I am Snakefoot, and you are my job. My job is to take care of prisoners. To torture them. I don't want to do that." The tinge of grief in his eyes quickly faded, though. "I'm sorry, apprentice." He mumbled before raking his claws down your side. What do you do?
  14. Still rp. Snakefoot reaches back for a berry, sets it on the ground next to you, then rakes your other side with his claws. It burns like fire, but you don't yelp. He holds the berry near your mouth and growls, "eat it," what do you do?
  15. Still rp. When you hesitate, he shoves the berry into your mouth, forcing you to eat it. As soon as you swallow it, your mouth starts to go numb. You can't speak! The energy returns to your tied up limbs, though. He notices you flexing your claws and harrumphs. He growls, breaking your bonds as he claws your side again. Your lungs struggle now to intake oxygen, but you jump up with much pain. You wince, and he pounces at you. What do you do?
  16. Still rp. As he gets closer, you realize you have to jump away from him, but can't move fast enough. His claws rake your flank, and teeth sink into your neck. What do you do?
  17. Still rp. The teeth sink deeper into your neck until they find the right point, and you lose consciousness. You awake to find yourself on a branch over the river, sprawled awkwardly. You lift your head to DragonClan territory and see Shadowstar viscously clawing a ruddy brown cat, which is bleeding everywhere. You see Jagpelt, pinning down a tortoiseshell warrior, biting its shoulder and neck. Then you see a couple warriors sneaking by Fernflower and into the nursery. They are going for the kits! What do you do?
  18. Still rp. You start to dash off the branch, but lose your footing and fall into the rushing river. You try, but just can't keep your head above water. You stop struggling until you are washed up on he bank, sputtering. You look up, and right into the face of a RockClan warrior! It is twice your size, and pins your weak body down easily. What do you do?
  19. Still rp. The warrior is suddenly thrown off of you by a tan tom. You recognize Stormpelt, with his wild fur, and jump up. You start to dash for the nursery, but he stops you. "You seem weaker. I'll handle them." He growls. You watch him saunter into the nursery, a yowl, then scrabbling, then silence. After what seems like a lifetime, the tan warrior limps from the nursery. He looks at you, then sprints off to protect the camp once more, while Dovepetal tells you gently to go find the medicine cat. What do you do?
  20. Still rp. You end up rushing back into the fighting, lunging at a grey dappled apprentice. He yelps as you land on his back and lock your jaws around his windpipe. He quickly recovers as he flips you over into the dirt, screwing his face up at the sight of the scratch marks on your side. You swing a paw at him, but are cut short by his teeth on your neck and your own blood streaming onto the forest floor. Your side wounds have been scratched open again, and you are about to pass out from the pain. You are hanging on to your last shred of consciousness with one claw, when the apprentice's face is pulled away and replaced with Ghostheart's white-and-grey face. He looked down at you, a concerned look on his face. "Are you okay?" He asks. What do you do?
  21. Still rp. Ghostheart leads you through the fighting cats, you leaning on him, making it seem like he is carrying you. When you arrive at Squirrelberry's hollow, she takes one look at you, and grabs some poppy seeds. She instructs you to lie down and eat them while she cleans your wounds. As you chew the poppy seeds, your eyelids begin to droop. You awake in the same place you fell asleep. To your surprise, your sides don't hurt. You look around, and Ghostheart is in the corner, asleep. Squirrelberry murmurs, "What happened to you?"
  22. Still rp. You end up telling everyone the next day what happened, then ask how long you were gone. "About 4 sunups." Cloverfrost answers. You ask Squirrelberry how long you were passed out in her den and she says you were for three sunups. Springear groans and gets up, meowing, "Ghostheart never left that den." You moan as Shadowstar sentences you to staying in camp for the next few days. What do you say?

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