Kit,Apprentice,Warrior,Deputy,Leader, or Elder

There are many people who need to test there knowledge and learn to take quizzes made by others and not by only computer well those people need to take one of these quizes so why not mine?

This quiz is to test what you would be if you were a warrior cat so if you beleive there are wild cats in the forest with unknown territories this quiz is for you

Created by: Morgan Nikol
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  1. Would you rather be comferted by your mom or be out in battle
  2. would you like to spend your day playing with other kits, practicing battle moves or leading a border patrol, or just sleeping in the sun?
  3. Would you rather kill a cat or stay in your nest
  4. are you born 2 lead,waiting to know what your destiny is,are in the prosses of doing it or did those days pass?
  5. where would you rather have your den? the nursery with the kits that wiggle around,with the apprentices that sleep around sunset, the warriors that snore or with the whezzy elders,or on your own in the leaders den
  6. Would you rather work in groups or alone?
  7. If you said Groups For the last questions then how big do you like them? if you said alone then # 4 if you plz!
  8. would you rather replace bedding or stay asleep until sunhigh?
  9. would you rather be forced to stay in camp learn how to hunt or mark the border by yourself?
  10. Last Question Now listen carefully this one is hard! just kidding!would you like your name to end in kit,paw,star, or something else?

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