Warriors - The Fourth Apprentice

The are many warriors, but few true leaders. Are you a kit, an apprentice, a warrior, a deputy or a leader? Thanks to this quiz, you will find out in several minutes!

If you have not read The Fourth Apprentice, please note that this quiz may contain spoilers! So please take the time to read The Fourth Apprentice before taking this quiz! Thank you!

Created by: Honeyfern

  1. Who was Dovepaw's mentor?
  2. Who was Cinderheart's apprentice?
  3. What did Leopardstar announce at the Gathering?
  4. Which two ThunderClan cats got stuck in the mud?
  5. Which RiverClan cat fell into the mud while running towards Ivypaw?
  6. Who was the cat who came to Dovepaw in a dream?
  7. Which ThunderClan cat stepped on a thistle?
  8. Who was the sick cat from the RiverClan camp?
  9. Which two ThunderClan cats were sent to explore the stream?
  10. Which four herbs are used as travelling herbs?
  11. Which two ShadowClan cats were sent to explore the stream?
  12. Which two RiverClan cats were sent to explore the stream?
  13. Which two WindClan cats were sent to explore the stream?
  14. What did Rippletail put on Sedgewhisker's injury (Hint: She wrenched her shoulder)?
  15. Who was/ were the kittypet(s) that the patrol met?
  16. What are dock leaves good for?
  17. Why did Poppyfrost visit the Moonpool?
  18. Which WindClan cat followed Poppyfrost to the Moonpool?
  19. What are the brown animals blocking the stream called?
  20. Which cat was killed by the beavers?
  21. Which StarClan warrior helped Jayfeather fight against Breezepelt?
  22. How many kits did Poppyfrost have?

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