Warrior cat life #2

The next step is to become an apprentice. In what manner will you become an apprentice? These will probably match your results on the first quiz.

OK. These will tell you a result that tells in what manner you became an apprentice. If you get a different name than your name I gave you, sorry. Just replace the name with your Clan name.

Created by: briste

  1. After a scary story, the youngest kit in the nursery gets scared. A cat is about to come in with freshkill that would probably scare the kit even more.
  2. Your efforts failed about the kit. Thinking that she was about to be kidnapped, she ran out of camp.
  3. The kit was found, shaken and scared. She starts crying.
  4. It is time to go to bed. What set of parents do you want?
  5. You wake up to a thorn in your flank. It isn't very deep, but you are upset.
  6. The entire Clan made you extremely mad.
  7. You got in trouble for what you did. What is your reaction.
  8. What is your name
  9. What is your eye color?
  10. What position do you want in a Clan?

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