Warrior Cat Life #1

This is the first quiz in my quiz series. Live the life of a warrior cats as you make decisions, get results and more. Choose carefully, because you will be asked the results of this quiz later in the quiz series.

This one tells you your warrior name, eye color, and personality. It goes from poition to position. The name will end in 'kit' because you are starting as a kit and ending in elder or leader.

Created by: briste
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Your mother told you to stay in the nursey all day.
  2. You are leader.
  3. You are a new apprentice and a warrior yells at you.
  4. Your kits disapear.
  5. You are appointed deputy.
  6. You are medicine cat. You are in a middle of a greencough epidemic.
  7. Its your first gathering.
  8. Are you calm or energetic?
  9. Are you more loyal to...
  10. You see intruders.

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