How well do you know about Warriors Orchi?

You know, i bet you've heard a lot about Dynasty Warriors, and i'm sure you've heard a lot about Samurai Warriors. Well... have you ever heard of Warriors OROCHI?

Do you think you have what it takes to become the serpent king; orcohi? Well if you think you're so self-confident, then prove your wits with this quiz.

Created by: Killswitch

  1. What is the main plot from Orochi?
  2. Who does Orochi have a resemblence to?
  3. What is Orochi's nickname?
  4. Which of these follows Orochi?
  5. Who despises Orochi the most?
  6. At the battle of Wu Zhang Plains, what does Keiji address Orochi as?
  7. What resemblence does Orochi have with Nobunaga?
  8. What resemblence does Orochi have with Kotaro Fuma?
  9. What is Orochi's weapon?
  10. Whose castle does Orochi attack first?
  11. What is the first battle of the Samurai Warriors musou mode?
  12. Who are the last two to join Nobunaga's coalition?
  13. What is the Samurai Warriors musou mode X-8 battle at?
  14. At the beginning, Nobunaga teams up with who?
  15. How does Orochi challenge Nobunaga on the last mission of the Samurai Warriors musou mode?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know about Warriors Orchi?