How Well Do U Know WARRIORS?

There are many Warriors but few true warriors.And evan less True leaders.a true Warrior respects the code and follows it.They Respect the code and never back down from a battle they can win.They dont need to kill to win their battles.

Can you pass the test to become a true Warrior.Or mabe eavan a true Leader?Huh you say you cant well try anyway.It is fun so evan if you never read it you can just guess to see what you get!

Created by: Tunderstar

  1. What Clan was Ravenpaw in?
  2. Do you help an injerd kit from Shadowclan that wandered in your territory?
  3. What is the worst cat in the clans?
  4. Who was Gratsripes mentor?
  5. You are a medicene cat and u have fallen in luv with a cat from Windclan what do u do?
  6. Who tried to kill Bluestar?
  7. In What Book And Who Did Kill Bluestar?
  8. Who killed Scourge?
  9. How old do you have to be to becme an apprentice?
  10. Who does Tigerstar visit in their dreams?

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