What is your Clan cat type?

Okay, so who's heard of the WARRIORS saga? Well, even if you haven't, you'll enjoy this quiz. It may seem long at first, and never seem short, but that's because it's THOROUGH! Have fun!

A Clan has a leader, warriors, apprentices, and kits. Which one are YOU?!? Are you ready to find out?!? Well, if you are, then go ahead and take the quiz!!

Created by: sealion4evr
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  1. Quick! Pick a color!
  2. Oh no! Three VICIOUS badgers, the sworn enemy of all Clans, are attacking your camp! What do you do?
  3. How many of Ferncloud's kits survived the Great Journey?
  4. A Clanmate dares you to eat a frog that they caught. What do you do now?
  5. What do you do before crossing the Thunderpath?
  6. What herbs could you administer to assure a restful night?
  7. Which of these feeds the most cats?
  8. You've just found out that your best friend is meeting with a cat from another Clan! What do you do?
  9. Uugh! You have the most AWFUL bellyache; now what?
  10. Who was Cloudtail's mother?
  11. How would you get a hostile kittypet off of your territory?
  12. Which of these would you rather eat?
  13. Where do you bite for a death bite?
  14. Who gave birth to Cinderkit the second time?
  15. The dawn patrol is going out. Do you volunteer for it?
  16. What's your favorite piece of prey?
  17. (FOR GIRLS) Which name do you like the best? (IF YOU ARE A BOY, CHECK N/A)
  18. (FOR BOYS) Which name do you like the best? (IF YOU ARE A GIRL, CHECK N/A)
  19. Name one member of StarClan.
  20. Would you accept a kittypet into your Clan?

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Quiz topic: What is my Clan cat type?