The Ultimate Warriors Quiz of All Time 1

There are not that many smart people in the world, because they have not read Warriors By Erin Hunter. How many of you know the difference between Sol and an average loner? What does Sol, mean and where does he live (Not a Question.)

What! You haven't tried this quiz yet. What-ev-er! By the way I'm not a girl because of that remark I just hang around with girls to much. Anyways no girl I know would have the Username Scourge. Scourge is Not evil.

Created by: Scourge
  1. What is the first warriors book called?
  2. What is the second book of the first series of Warriors?
  3. What date will Sunrise come out?
  4. Which of these statements are true?
  5. who was the first clan cat did Firestar first see?
  6. Who is Bluestar's three kits? (Hint:Two are DEAD) (Hint 2:Forest of Secrets)
  7. How many books are there up to this date: February 14, 2009?
  8. What is Heatherpaw's warrior name?
  9. What does the word glade mean? (Vocabulary Question)
  10. Who mentored Lionheart?
  11. Read this line from the book "A Dangerous Path" and fill in the numbers with the word that's supposed to be there. After a 1 moments 2 turned and 3 the border 4 toward 5 (Page 182)
  12. Who was the mentor of Darkstripe?
  13. Who is Bluestar's nephew?
  14. On the cover of Dawn, which cat is that?
  15. Are these the six cats on the covers on the New Prophecy books; Brambleclaw, Feathertail, Squirrelflight, Leafpool, Crowfeather, and Hawkfrost.
  16. In which book did Brambleclaw get his warrior name?
  17. What does Sol mean in Spansih?
  18. How many moons old must a kit be to become a warrior?
  19. Did you have Fun?
  20. Do you like applesauce?

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