Are you a Tigerstar expert?

Do YOU know all about the famous Warriors cat Tigerstar? Take this quiz and see-don't worry if you get a bad score, it doesn't matter. If you don't know most EVERYTHING this quiz might teach you some!

The Warriors series by Erin Hunter is a great success, many many people read it. Many many people love it, too. I hope you enjoy the quiz, and take your time to think of what you know about Tigerstar.

Created by: Leopardsong

  1. Tigerstar's mother was:
  2. Tigerstar's father was:
  3. Did Tigerstar have littermates?
  4. What gender where Tigerstar's littermates, Mistkit and Nightkit?
  5. Tigerstar's mentor was:
  6. What was one of the reasons Tigerstar became evil and hated kittypets rogues and loners so much?
  7. Tigerstar plotted with who to destroy ThunderClan using former ShadowClan warriors?
  8. Tigerstar kiled who in the final battle in The Last Hope
  9. Tigerstar won the fight with Firestar. True or false.
  10. Tigerstar is in Firestar's family tree.
  11. Who has both Tigerstar and Firestar's blood?
  12. Tigerstar is related to Scourge.
  13. How many kits did Tigerstar's son Brambleclaw have?
  14. What kit of Tigerstar's became leader of a Clan?
  15. Did Bramblestar have kits?
  16. How many?
  17. Did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: Am I a Tigerstar expert?