Warriors she-cats love story 1

Hi! Im Shimmerkit, and Im one of your littermates in the Warriors she-cats love stories. I am going to give you a bit of background knowledge on this quizs content. I made up four new Clans, LightningClan, ShadeClan, BreezeClan, and MistClan. You are a member of LightningClan. In the first quiz of this series, you start off as a kit. Your mother is Morningleaf. Your littermates are Shimmerkit(she-cat), Applekit(she-cat), and Adderkit(tom). Your denmates are Foxbreezes kits, Nightkit(tom), and Emberkit(she-cat), and Swiftfalls kit, Grasskit(tom).

This first quiz is about you as a kit, but don't worry, you will become an apprentice soon. Anyway, you will meet two toms, and find out which of them you like, and want for a mate. Remember, you are still a kit, so anything can happen. So, start this quiz!

Created by: Shimmerkit
  1. This is really important; read the informative paragraphs at the beginning.
  2. Did you read them?
  3. You just open your eyes in the nursery. You see your mother, Morningleaf, a flame-colored she-cat, peering down at you with loving green eyes. You blink. She says, Youve opened your eyes! You think,
  4. You turn. Right next to you, you see your sisters, Applekit, a ginger she-cat, and Shimmerkit, a silver tabby. Shimmerkit smiles at you, and says, Hey! Want to go play? Her deep blue eyes shine with excitement. You say,
  5. Shimmerkit asks Applekit if she wants to go outside, and Applekit agrees to join you.
  6. The three of you go outside. The grass tickles your paws. Shimmerkit starts bouncing. She hops over to the fresh-kill pile, and delicately removes a mouse. She carries it over to you and Applekit, and asks if you want to try it with her.
  7. Suddenly, the Clan leader, Maplestar, calls from a long branch that dips down, and comes back up, Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather beneath Highbranch for a Clan meeting!
  8. Maplestar continues, Two is our kits have reached their sixth moon, meaning its time for them to become apprentices. Nightkit and Emberkit, come here, please. A fluffy black tom and a sleek black she-cat come in front of Maplestar. Emberkit, from this moment until you receive your warrior name you will be known as Emberpaw. Sparktail, Maplestar gestures to a ginger she-cat, who comes forward in front of her. You will be mentor to Emberpaw. You have courage and loyalty. I trust that you will pass these skills on to your apprentice. Sparktail and Emberpaw touch noses.
  9. Nightkit, Maplestar meows, from this moment until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Nightpaw. Silverbrook, a silver she-cat comes forward. You are smart and an excellent hunter. I trust you will pass these skills on to Nightpaw. Silverbrook dips her head to the leader, then touches noses with Nightpaw.
  10. After the ceremony, you realize Applekit isn't with you. You tell Shimmerkit, then the two of you spread out to look for her. On your search, you run into Nightpaw. You think,
  11. Sorry, you mumble. Its okay Nightpaw replies. What are you doing?
  12. Before you get a chance to answer, Silverbrook calls to Nightpaw, telling him to go on a tour of the territory.
  13. Sorry, he tells you. Ill see you when I get back. Nightpaw leaves. You continue on your search for Applekit. Suddenly, you hear Shimmerkit shouting, I found her! In the medicine den!
  14. You head to the medicine den, and find Shimmerkit waiting by the entrance. You go inside, and find Applekit helping Mintpool, the medicine cat. Applekit tells you that Mintpool asked for her help, and that sorting herbs is fun.
  15. You and Shimmerkit leave Applekit to herbs, and go back to the nursery. Shimmerkit sweetly curls up, and the slow rhythm of her breathing tells you shes asleep. You start to sleep, but a voice wakes you up. You see a tom, a kit, standing over you. You sleepily ask who he is.
  16. Im Grasskit. He tells you. Can I sleep with you?
  17. He curls up next to you. You fall asleep. You dream about...
  18. #1 is done.

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