Warrior cats she-cats love story #1

Hi! Im Shimmerdream. Im a LightningClan warrior. Ive taken LOTS of warrior cats love story quizzes, so I wanted to make one myself. Here is some background information. I made up four Clans, LightningClan, NightClan, SpringClan, and LeafClan. You are from LightningClan, like me. In this quiz, you are a she-cat named Echokit.

You will meet three toms, Milkweedkit, Shadowkit, and Parsleypaw. You will answer the questions on this quiz to find out which one you like. Bla bla bla, just take the quiz!

Created by: Shimmerdream
  1. (Jump ahead six moons from when you first start as a kit) You peer out of the nursery, watching Hollystar start the Clan meeting. You and your denmates are finally going to be apprentices! Youre thinking
  2. Hollystar calls out to you and your denmates. She says, Shadowkit, Milkweedkit, Amberkit, Hazelkit, and Echokit have reached their sixth moon, and are ready to become apprentices. Hollystar finishes speaking. Amberkit goes first. Her mentor is Featherstream. Next is Hazelkit. Her mentor is Birchfire. Next is Milkweedkit. His mentor is Leafheart. Then its Shadowkit, his mentor is Pounceleaf. Then, at last, its your turn.
  3. Echokit. Hollystar calls you forward. She tells you that your mentor will be Pinepetal. You hear your Clanmates shouting your new names. Your thinking
  4. Pinepetal tells you that you are going on a tour of the territory with her. You can pick one other cat to go with you. You pick
  5. No matter who you pick, you go alone. Amberpaw is busy learning about herbs, Milkweedpaw already left on a tour of the territory, Shadowpaw is cleaning out the elders bedding, and Hazelpaw is learning hunting techniques.
  6. After the tour, you want to check out by the NightClan border. You head in that direction, thinking
  7. When you reach the border, a NightClan cat comes out to see you. He looks older than you, but still an apprentice. He says, Hi! Im Parsleypaw! Whats your name?
  8. You tell him your name. He says, Echopaw. Thats a cute name. You think,
  9. Parsleypaw continues, Hey, meet me here tonight, okay? I have something to tell you.
  10. You say good bye to Parsleypaw, then head back to your Clan. When you get back, Shadowpaw comes over to you, a worried expression on his face, which switches to relief when he sees youre okay, and unharmed. Echopaw, where have you been!? Ive been so worried! He says. You think
  11. You go to your den, with Shadowpaw at your side. Hazelpaw and Milkweedpaw are chatting in the den. Hazelpaw notices you first. She tells you that the whole Clans been looking for you. Milkweedpaw just gives you a shy gaze of admiration.
  12. Your denmates get into their nests. The older apprentices, Beechpaw and Moonpaw, come in and go to sleep. Shadowpaw curls up beside you.
  13. You know Parsleypaw is waiting for you, but your denmates wont fall asleep!

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