Do you know warrior cats?

In the book,there are ranks! Ranks are what your position is! There are: kits, 3-4 moons old kits, apprentices, new- made warriors, warriors, senior- warriors, leaders and deputy.

What are YOU? A small kit or a loyal leader? Are you an apprentices or a senior- warrior? Want to find out? Then do this quick quiz and find YOUR rank!

Created by: Diana Miruna Olaru
  1. What was Firestar's kitty-pet name?
  2. What was Spottedleaf prophecy?
  3. What was Firepaw's warrior name?
  4. How did Bluestar died?
  5. What's Ravenpaw warrior name?
  6. Who is Firestar's mate?
  7. What was the names of the two kits of Bluestar?
  8. When do all the clans meet in peace?
  9. How many cats Firestar dreamend when he got his nine lives?
  10. At what age can kits be made apprentices?
  11. How is the road and cars called for cats?

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Quiz topic: Do I know warrior cats?