Warrior cats quiz books 1-6

You will love this quiz it's filled with info and stuff about our favourite warrior cats such as Rust to firepaw and graypaw and bluestar.Thunderclan's secrets and love affairs revealed.

If you've read the books try this fun quiz.!!!! Warrior Lovers will love this quiz about books one to six.Hope you really really like this quiz.i really love these books so if you haven't read them read them today.

Created by: sam
  1. When Firepaw comes to Thunderclan what is the name of his leader?
  2. What are the names of Bluestar's kits?
  3. Why did Bluestar give up her kits?
  4. Who is first cat that Firepaw meets?
  5. Which cat doesn't like Firepaw?
  6. Firepaw's first meal in the clan is a
  7. Which clan is driven from their home in book 2?
  8. Which cat does Graystripe love?
  9. Who is Fireheart's first apprentice?
  10. What threaten's Thunderclan in book 4?
  11. What does Tigerclaw do in book 5?
  12. Who becomes leader when Bluestar dies?
  13. Who kills Tigerstar in book 6?
  14. Who wins the battle between Bloodclan and all Clans?

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