What Warrior Cat Am I?

There is one series in particular that catches people's attention; a series that has won many Academy Awards and specials honors, Warrior Cats. If you think you know the characters from this series....we'll see!

Are YOU a "Reading Warrior"? Do you know everything there is to know about the many Warrior Cats? Until now you could only wonder, but now, if you take this quiz, you'll see how much you really know!

Created by: Caroline
  1. I'm a brave and loyal ThunderClan warrior, but sometimes I'm called a kittypet. Also, I tend to be very friendly and soft towards other cats, regardless of their clan. Who am I?
  2. Many cats think that I'm disloyal and that I don't deserve to be a ThunderClan warrior....because of my father. Who am I?
  3. I have a very special place in ThunderClan, I'm their medicine cat! Although my clan has called on my abilities numerous times, I have broken the warrior code; for a certain warrior. Who am I?
  4. I'm ashamed of the many terrible things I've done; I tried to steal ThunderClan kits, I killed Rosetail and I supported two evil, murderous cats. Still, I've risen to an extremely high stance. I can't believe it....Who am I?
  5. I know there are tons of ThunderClan cats who would just love to see me get run over by a truck. Fortunately, ShadowClan warriors respect me and can see what a worthy deputy I am! Who am I?
  6. In my opinion, sickness is a terrible thing and it should constantly be watched out for. Yeah, you can probably guess, I'm a medicine cat. Unfortunately, sickness and "health care" can cause many terrible problems. For example, my clanmate once got so ill, he went and begged other clans for help! Also, a ThunderClan medicine cat was killed by a badger, trying to save a cat from death (Doing her job)! That's probably why it's so rare to find a cat willing to be a medicine cat. Who am I?
  7. I have a very strange personality; I'm usually very open and friendly with other cats (Even making friends with non-WindClan cats), yet sometimes I end up hurting those who mean the most to me....Who am I?
  8. Onestar may have given me a special place within WindClan, but sometimes I feel as if he has no sympathy or understanding for me! Who am I?
  9. My job is extremely important; I'm a medicine cat (Duh)! Even so, I am rarely mentioned in the Warrior Cat books, having only been seen traveling to the Moonstone/Moonpool and acting grumpy. Who am I?
  10. As difficult as my life has been, I've always tried to be a loyal warrior. I've been faced with certain death (Yet narrowly escaping), forbidden love and terrible choices....Who am I?

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