Megaman nt Warrior

This is a quiz about the english version of Megaman nt Warrior. You probably wouldn't like this if you don't like Megaman. Are you a true Megaman fan, then just take this simple quiz and see how much you know.

I don't have anything else to say but just test you Megaman nt Warrior genius. It's pretty cool. You won't know until you try it right? So take it to show the world how much you know.

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  1. Who is Lan's net navi?
  2. What does Lan say when Megaman goes into the net?
  3. During the N1 Grand Prix in season one, after Masa gives him and Lan's friends lunch. Why does Lan have to go to the bathroom really bad?
  4. What is Lan's last name?
  5. How was Megaman deleted?
  6. How did Megaman defeat Gospel?
  7. Who is Dr. Regal's net navi?
  8. Does Lan have a brother?
  9. Do navi's eat?
  10. What does PET stand for?

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