Which warrior are you most like?

Some people were born ambitious, and powerful, some kind and wise, and even some are sophisticated, popular, and always get their way. These personalities also shine through warrior cats in the Warrior Cats series.

So, which warrior are you? Some DarkClan warriors with different personalities have been chosen. This quiz has been carefully designed to accuracy. This quiz is a 100% right. So, go ahead below. It only takes a few minutes before you know who you really are!

Created by: Spark
  1. Your Leader tells you to fight; but you don't feel that your fighting for a good reason. Do you...
  2. There is an oppurtunity to start a battle over a Clan. They are growing weak from loss of prey. Do you...
  3. A kit wanders into camp, lost and alone. Do you...
  4. Another cat from a different Clan walks into the camp. Do you...
  5. A kittypet wants to join the Clan. Do you...
  6. A cat that doesn't have great skills comes up to you and asks to be your friend. Do you..
  7. What is your favorite cat color?
  8. You want to create a Clan. What should your cats attributes be?
  9. What do you name your new Clan?
  10. How loyal are you to your Clan?
  11. What best describes your personality?

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Quiz topic: Which warrior am I most like?