Warrior cats The New Prophecy Dawn

Do you think you know everything on the warrior cats and th warrior clans? This quiz is on the second series the New Prophecy book three Dawn. If you get one hundred percent you are a real warriors fan. go ahead and try out my quiz on the warrior cats and the warrior clans.

Are you a true warriors fan? Got what it takes to do my quiz? Think you can get one hundred precent? Are you familiar with book three Dawn in the second series The New Prophecy. Try my quiz now and see how much you really knoe about the warrior cats and the warrior clans.

Created by: Taylor
  1. Who was the first cat the traveling cats met when they came back to the forest?
  2. Who did Squirrelpaw meet in the ThunderClan camp?
  3. Who did Graystripe blame for Feathertail's death?
  4. Who showed Squirrelpaw where Leafpaw was?
  5. Who went with Squirrelpaw to rescue Leafpaw?
  6. Who was the kittypet that Leafpaw brought back with her?
  7. Who did the the twolegs capture?
  8. When they were about to leave on the great journey who was dying?
  9. Which camp got attacked by the Twolegs?
  10. Did the clans find a good place at the end of the book?

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