What warrior cat are you most like?

You may have heard of the warrior series by erin hunter... But have you ever seen what character you would be in the book? Now is your chance to find out!

Find out what warrior cat you are out of six cats from the series! The test is based on your personality so you are bound to get the warrior cat that matches you!

Created by: amm
  1. What kind of a person are you?
  2. What is your personality?
  3. What is your dream relaxation spot?
  4. Favorite Season?
  5. What do you like to do in your spare time?
  6. Any sports?
  7. Favorite Subject
  8. Can you draw well?
  9. This question will not affect your score- Do you think pie is awesome?
  10. This question will not affect your score- What is bob?

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Quiz topic: What warrior cat am I most like?