Ultimate zombie quiz

this is not just another ordinary quiz its a story line which i like better then just one question after another there are alot of differnet possibilities

you could wind up bieng dead barely alive usual soldier strength in numbers or a warrrior if your really good but i highly doubt you could become a spartan

Created by: Yrock
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  1. outbreak starts and 5 of your buddies come to your house saying their joining the resistance and attacking the zed what do you do
  2. the city is about to be quarintined and you must leave quick which kit do you take
  3. so you take your supplies and prepare to leave what do you ride
  4. where do you go
  5. you get to your destination and start recruiting who do you take with you
  6. all of a sudden a horde is appraoching you and your team know you cant take them how do you retreat
  7. as you run around you find a farm what do you do
  8. a man in a black limo with sunglasses rolls up to you and offers to trade weapons for food but he looks shady what do you do
  9. after you keep rolling you run out of food right next to a parking lot how do you transition
  10. lets leave the story for a minute. do you know how to make explosives
  11. if you were alone with your friend and he became infected do you kill him
  12. what if you were in a group
  13. okay back to the story you pull up to a road block and some bandits demand food to pass what do you do
  14. after passing the road block you are offered an m16 with 3 extended mags for sex do you take the offer
  15. so after about 6 months you and your crew have about 50 able bodied members and you decide to begin rebuilding society where do you begin
  16. so things are starting up whats your position
  17. what kind of society are you running
  18. you are chosen to be leader what kind will you be
  19. you ahve some extra space what do you do with it
  20. help help screams the town nurse my boy was chased int othe woods by zombies please help
  21. you have saved your society by loring away a horde. but now you have one bullet left in your colt revolver you are alone far from your group you are starving have no armor and can barely move what do you do
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