ultimate zombie survival quiz

this zombie survival quiz was a little bit hard because some questions was hard to understand.so try this quiz cause this quiz can try to make you smart (or a genius).

zombies were dangerous at all.but they are slow so it is easy cause they were only walking but they walk like they are dead.so try to survive or you will not dye.

Created by: Chicksman
  1. do you own a police / fire / EMS scanner?
  2. would injecting the of the dead person with the zombie virus bring that corpse back as the walking dead?
  3. how much can you lift?
  4. glancing down , you notice your friend has a slight discoloration around an injury on his hand.he swears it happen when he cut himself on some broken glass.what will you do?
  5. a hysterical woman bursts through the front door of your hunting store,she,s not injured but very shaken up.she begs you to give her a weapon,you...
  6. what kind of vehicle do you use to get around?
  7. you,re about to go out fighting zombies.you can only carry one of the following melee weapons.which one do you use?
  8. returning from the theatre with a group of friends,you notice zombies are rising from the local graveyard.your significant other insist you all run back to her apartment.your friend says you should head back to his ranch.your dog motions towards the abandoned house.who do you listen to?
  9. in school you...
  10. there are zombies around your home ,but your not sure exactly where.you,ve been up for days and you desperately need some sleep.you...
  11. your attempting to gain access to a locked building.you might be able to lockpick the door , but your not sure , and you might end up outside at night.it,s getting dark and you need to find shelter.what do you do?
  12. do you own a first aid kit?
  13. while walking along an isolated path ,you see a group of armed men in the distance.you are alone.what will you do?
  14. have you ever handled a firearm?
  15. given the choice.which of the following would you wear on a zombie hunt?
  16. you need to cross a bridge , but the military has set up a manned blockade on it.what do you do?
  17. are you ready to see your score on the parasol syndicate?

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