Ultimate Zombie Apocalipse

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3:00 O'clock you have seen horrible things in the nightmere you are living when you wake up the first thing you think is ''f---ing News I bet that's not hapening , then you look outside your house thought your window and you see the horrible things you just dreamed.

Will you survive the zombie apocalipse maybe maybe not imagine that a zombie is right next to you blocking your salvation rute but another is chasing you so you must act quick what would you do?

Created by: Nestor
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  1. ¿Where do you live?
  2. ¿Is there any mall,market or hospital near you?
  3. ¿How many time of food and water do you have in home?
  4. ¿Your living place is secure?
  5. ¿Do you have any baseball bat,hammer or anything capable of destroy someone's head.
  6. ¿Can you break a neck?
  7. ¿Do you own any gun?
  8. ¿Do you know how to use it?
  9. ¿How many ammunittion you have?
  10. ¿Would you eat yor pet?
  11. ¿Will you shot your family or friends if they were infected?.
  12. ¿How much time can you run?
  13. ¿Would you eat insects?
  14. ¿How strong physically you are?
  15. ¿How strong mentally you are?
  16. ¿If a zombie want's to eat you?
  17. ¿If 5 zombies are coming for you?
  18. ¿If 25 zombies are chasing you?
  19. ¿How many people will you lead in your survivors group
  20. ¿Your group mates would give their lives for you?
  21. ¿Can you drive a bycicle?
  22. ¿Can you drive a car?

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