The ultimate zombie quiz

will you survive, this quiz is not, 'are you strong?, go you own a gun?' this is about the inevitable outcomes of a zombie attack, like cannibalism, so choose wisly and have fun

this quiz determines what inevitable things you will do during a zombie attack, home you make the right choices and you survive the those zombie filled months

Created by: Dacjan
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  1. how do you barricade your front door and windows
  2. your amazing barricade is failing you need to evacuate, how do you do this?
  3. when you get out of your house what do you do
  4. you have met up with those people however you cant stay here, most of the gunz/food has been looted, so since its late you decide to
  5. you make your way trying to get out of the city, you are all tierd and hungry almost all food stores have been looted or set on fire, but, you see a house, it does not look like it has been looted or zombies have been there, there have been many reports on the radio of canibals, so you
  6. it has been a week since the zombies attacked, almost your entire group has been killed, there are just 3 of you. suddenly a zombie attacked and bits your friend, you
  7. it has been 3 weeks, you and your friend are very very tired, you have not slept in 3 days and not eaten in 2. you must eat, or you WILL die, you
  8. success you out of the city, there are now less zombies here, where do you go now
  9. you are hungry and tired and out of bullets, but you know of some people held out in a big house, they have plenty of food, ammo and other crap, but they don't let you in and will kill you if you go there again, you.....
  10. success, the zombie population is dying out, pockets of survives are everywhere, you

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