What type of zombie are you?

Many people think that zombies are bland and boring, but there are actually many types of zombies! Sometimes people forget that they have feelings too and will bite your head off if insulted.

Are YOU a zombie genius? Or maybe you're a zombie jock? A hot zombie? Maybe you are the girly zombie that unleashes her claws whenever she isn't given candy. Unlikely... BUT TAKE THE QUIZ!

Created by: Ben
  1. What is the strongest zombie?
  2. What do zombies feed on?
  3. What sandwich would a zombie get?
  4. What do zombies wear?
  5. How strong are zombies?
  6. Where do zombies invade?
  7. What can zombies look like?
  8. How do zombies invade?
  9. What do zombies do all the time?
  10. What would Obama do if a zombie attacked?

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Quiz topic: What type of zombie am I?