The Ultimate zombie apocolapse test

My quiz will test your mental skills for surviving a zombie apocalypse. There are 11 questions that you must answer carefully if you want to score in the top ranges.

There are answers for almost every possible answer that you could answer so you must answer every single question because if you skip one you won't get a grade!

Created by: Chase
  1. You wake up and turn on the TV. the news is speaking up "infected crazies" attacking people all over the city. What do you do?
  2. You have the choice between a few weapons, which would you choose?
  3. You've prepared for the apocalypse, and you're trying to decide on which vehicle you should take to find any survivors and equipment, which would you choose?
  4. You collect equipment and survivors and you notice that one survivor was bitten,they are infected bad and don't have much more time, what do you do?
  5. You are surrounded by 17 zombies and you have a mini-Uzi with only 9 shots left, are you screwed?
  6. Do you live near a gun store?
  7. Who would you want to take with you?
  8. Do you have any zombie apocalypse plans?
  9. How long can you run in case you were being chased by zombies and were heading for a survival camp?
  10. How much can you bench press?
  11. If you were the last person alive and there were zombies everywhere what would you do?

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