How well do you know WCG Ultimate Gamer

Some people think they know everyhting about WCG Ultimate Gamer.But it dosen't matter if you think you so take this test and try to prove it then you might earn bragging rights

Are you an expert at WCG Ultimate Gamer trivia?Do you have what it takes to pass this test?Take this test and try to prove it.Take this test and get your results.

Created by: Demon666
  1. Who got third place after the real life challenge in Shut Up and Drive
  2. How many times did Swoozie get first place
  3. How many people were in last place and won the elimination challenge
  4. What song did Rob and JD had to play in the elimination challenge
  5. How many of the contestants' favorite game genres were shooters
  6. Did Mark pass the song they did in the isolation challenge on Move it or lose it
  7. On Kicking and Screaming who did everyone except for Dante and Alyson lose against and on which round
  8. On The Gauntlet on the Rock Band 2 challenge what was the order of the places from first to last
  9. On The Gaunlet on the Halo 3 challenge where did the play at
  10. On Things Get Explosives how sure was Jamal that Rob would give it his all on the elimination challenge
  11. How many people cried after each elimination

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Quiz topic: How well do I know WCG Ultimate Gamer