Which gamer type are you?

Right. Games. Sure, we all love them. But which kinds are suited to you? There are many different categories, many different gamers. Gamers often categorise themselves without thinking.

Now it's YOUR turn to find out what gamer type you really are. This quiz will help you discover your true calling in the gemain world, and hey, as long as you like the games. That's fine, right?

Created by: Nathan
  1. A princess is in need of saving. What do you do?
  2. What's your ideal setting for a game?
  3. Which gaming hero best suits you?
  4. How does seeing old games re-made make you feel?
  5. You discover a body. Do you...
  6. What type of gaming device do you use?
  7. You become lost in an abandoned part of a forest. Do you..
  8. Non-playable characters to you represent...
  9. Your character is in court. Why is that?
  10. What kind of person do you most like to play with?

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Quiz topic: Which gamer type am I?