How much of a Gamer are u?

Anyone can play a game and call themselves a gamer, but is it true? Are u a real gamer? I mean a REAL gamer? and if so how much? These twenty questions will tell you.

Are u ready to find out ur gamer percentage? Find out ur gaming status, from Noob to Pwner. See if ur knowledge in gaming truely shines in this test of electronic entertainment madness!

Created by: Steven
  1. J!NX is ______.
  2. E3 stands for what?
  3. Halo 2 is for the Xbox and the PC.
  4. Adam Sessler and ____________.
  5. Halo is a(n) _________.
  6. Halo Wars is a(n) ______.
  7. Playstation is made by who?
  8. How many controller ports are on a PS2?
  9. Dreamcast is made by who?
  10. Which of these TV channels is mostly associated with videogames?
  11. Which two buttons are mostly used as a "back/cancel" button on the PS2?
  12. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas first came out on what console?
  13. "Next Gen" means what?
  14. Star Wars: Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy is for Xbox and the PC.
  15. Which of these games is an MMORPG?
  16. which of these is not an acronym used in gaming?
  17. Wii is made by ______
  18. Does the Xbox 360 have full backwards compatability?

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