How good of a gamer are you

There are many gamers in the world.But few of them are ultimate gamers.What is a ultimate gamer in your opinion?In my opinion a ultimate gamer is a person who is very good at every kind of game.

Are YOU an ultimate gamer?Do you ahve what to takes?This will tell you how good you are.This quiz will tell you if you're a terrible gamer or a ultimate gamer.

Created by: RJ

  1. Have you played all of these genre of games.Shooting,rythem,racing.and fighting
  2. What is your average combo on Dance Dance Revolution.
  3. On any Halo game on multiplayer what is your average amount of kills in 30 minutes
  4. On any racing games what is your average race time
  5. Compared to people you've played video games with how good are you
  6. Do win most games by using cheats
  7. Have you ever won any game tournaments
  8. What game genre is your specialty
  9. How many of your games have you beaten
  10. How much do you play games on easy
  11. How good of a gamer do you think you are.(Put your honest answer)

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Quiz topic: How good of a gamer am I