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Although the tag-team fighting concept was not new, it was refined with this series (although fans would argue whether this was for better or for worse). New fighting game terminology, such as "Aerial Rave" (the act of performing a combo on an opponent while the opponent remains airborne) and "Variable Combination" (the act of having two or more DON'T READ THIS JUST TAKE THE QUIZ characters on the same team to perform their hyper combos at the same time) were added to the fighting game vernacular with this series.

GAMES brainpower to qualify for that GAMES prestigious title? Until now you GAMES could only wonder. But thanks to this great quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!"

Created by: Master Ricks

  1. Which actor/Fighter Portrays Liu Kang In The Mortal Kombat Movies (link to photo)(look closely)
  2. which MK (Mortal Kombat) Character Started Out As A Glitch
  3. Which Of The Following Mortal Kombat Characters started As As a Human And Friend Of Sub-Zero
  4. Which Of The Following Is Not A Playable Character In ANY Of The Grand Theft Auto Games
  5. which Of The Following Grand Theft auto Games Is NOT A Counsole Game
  6. Which Grand Theft Auto Game Has A Spin Off And Even Features One of The Characters In This Particular game
  7. Which Sims Expansion Gives You a Genie
  8. Which Sims Expansion Gives You Magic Powers
  9. Which Sims Games Are The Aliens First SEEN In
  10. Which Game Is An UPCOMING Crossover

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