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A quiz for anyone who wants to brave the mw2 world and all who enter will get a sadness score and also a general summary of your gamer ability. Good Luck

If you think you can combat mw2 try the ultimate mw2 quiz. Are you as sad as you think you are or do you weep as soon as you lose a game only this quiz can find that out.

Created by: Jimbob
  1. What is the best Gun on Multiplayer?
  2. What is the smallest map?
  3. Barrett 50.cal is Semi-Automatic
  4. What perk pro prevents fall damage
  5. What does the Bling perk enable?
  6. What is the last unlocked Assault Rifle
  7. What perk pro makes enemy footsteps louder?
  8. Which of these is NOT an online playable team
  9. You see a blue bag on the floor and you run into it and gain ammo and grenades back, what is this perk that allows that?
  10. What are the 2 11 kill streaks
  11. How many points do you get for a headshot on Search and Destroy (no double xp)
  12. What is the lowest killstreak?
  13. What does QS stand for?
  14. How do you unlock the nuke emblem?
  15. What of these killstreaks cannot be shot down by a predator missile?
  16. What is the highest level you can get up to
  17. Which of these three maps is not included in the second downloadable content package?
  18. Which of these is CANNOT go akimbo?
  19. Which of these maps is the largest?
  20. What level is the perk Armor Up unlocked?

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