The Ultimate Avatar The Last Airbender Quiz

Avatar: The Last Airbender is a series that ran on Nickelodeon from 2005 to 2008. The hit show has reruns airing on Nicktoons everyday, and the show inspired a movie (Many fans say it is a rip off) and a miniseries that will air in fall 2011 (Avatar: The Legend of Korra).

Are YOU the ultimate Avatar fan? Ready to prove your skill? Want to prove the stealer James Cameron and the rip off movie that Avatar has way more to offer? On this quiz, find out if you are worthy to be considered the Ultimate Avatar: The Last Airbender fan!?

Created by: shadowlove
  1. At the end of the series, how many people are officially in Team Avatar
  2. Who are the only 3 known lightening benders?
  3. How old is Aang?
  4. Who is Sokka's master?
  5. Who gets shot by lightening by Azula in Sozin's Comet?
  6. Who is in the first Agni Kai in the series?
  7. Who was Ozai's father?
  8. Who is Zuko's mother's grandfather?
  9. Zuko's mother's name is...
  10. What is the name of the play in Ember Island Players?
  11. What is the first episode the cabbage merchant appears in?
  12. Who says the first line in the series not counting the intro?
  13. Who is Sokka and Katara's dad's name?
  14. What is Roku's dragons name?
  15. What flower does Hama kill?
  16. Who is Katara's mother's friend in the ghost story Katara told in The Puppetmaster?
  17. What side of his face is Zuko's scar on?
  18. In the play in Ember Island Players, what side is Zuko's scar on?
  19. Who teaches Katara bloodbending?
  20. What is Zuko and Azula's mother's name?
  21. Who gave Zuko his scar?
  22. How old was Zuko when he got his scar?
  23. Who is older: Zuko or Azula
  24. From youngest to oldest, what is the correct order of the ages of the main characters?

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