How well do you know Avatar the Last Airbender?

Avatar is the best thing EVER!!!!!!!! If you don't know it all, that's a-ok, but still I advise you watch it, it will get you hooked!! it is so awesome, you will love it!

If you take this quiz, you will see how much you know about avatar, it is the best thing since sliced cheese, I don't know how much more times I can say that but it is so cool!!!

Created by: euku of Horseland
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  1. Zuko's scar is on what side of his face?
  2. What does Ba sing se stand for?
  3. One special fact about Aang is:
  4. Katara doesn't like Zuko, until what episode?
  5. In the episode, Blue Spirit, the old lady who makes the medicine, what is her cat's name?
  6. What is Avatar Roku's dragon's name?
  7. What was Uncle Iroh's son's name?
  8. What were the two names Sokka called the bounty hunter?
  9. How many stomachs does Appa have?
  10. Whats Iroh's natural hair color?

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Quiz topic: How well do I know Avatar the Last Airbender?