do u know avatar: the last airbender?

avatar: the last airbender is a show about four young heros setting out in a world of war to defeat the eveil firelord while escaping his banished son,prince zuko. take this test and see if you know all there is to know about this AMAZING show!!!

ARE YOU A MASTER ABOUT KNOWING EVERYTHING ABOUT AVATAR THE LAST AIRBENDER???!!!! If you think you are, this is the quiz for you,test your smarts and see if you really are. if your not sure take it and find out!

Created by: masterwaterbender
  1. what tribe is katara and sokka from?
  2. how many bumps are in katara's braid?
  3. what is the avatar cycle?
  4. what happend when aang first firebended?
  5. where does sokka find out about the ecipse?
  6. what happens during the eclipse?
  7. what nation was avatar roku?
  8. what makes prinsess azula different from other firebenders
  9. how does katara and sokka figure out that aang is an airbender?
  10. what does aunt wu tell katara about her love life?
  11. what does sokka and prince zuko have in commen?
  12. how long was aang in the ice?
  13. why did aang run away from home?

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