How much do you know Avatar the last airbender

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When you watch avatar you know that you are awesome and that avatar is awesome thats why you took this quiz (unless you friends dared you to do this test) so is you love avatar you are awesome

Do you really watch avatar do you really want to do this quiz and if you dont like it you probly just cheated and looked at the answers but if you did do this because you really love avatar then you rule!

Created by: Camila
  1. Your question was: "How did Katara and Sokka find Aang?"
  2. What was Toph's fighting name?
  3. How did Zucko get his scar?
  4. What spirit did Uuay turn into
  5. What was a disanvantge Toph had?
  6. What can Haru bend?
  7. What was Sokka special wepon
  8. Was Katara the last water bender where she lived?
  9. How did Aang defeat Fire Lord Ozai
  10. When Aang meet the face stealer when he made a emoction did he steal his face
  11. Did Zucko ever learn to make lighting
  12. Last Question Did you like this quiz? Dont worry this wont effect your score

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Quiz topic: How much do I know Avatar the last airbender