So you think you know Avatar The Last Airbender?

So you think you know Avatar: The Last Airbender (or Avatar: The Legend of Aang) is a quiz about a very popular cartoon. Many people do like it, and I am one of them.

But the question is: when are you a real Avatar fan. I think: if you watched all episodes, if you really recommend it, AND if you score 50% or higher on this quiz. Are you ready?? P.S. if you have a low score, don't worry. This is a high level quiz.

Created by: Avatars Mind
  1. In S01 E02, what thinks Sokka Aang is?
  2. Which episode contains NO flashbacks?
  3. Who didn't get imprisoned in 'Imprisoned'?
  4. What's the name of the spirit which can steal your face?
  5. What's the name of S02 E08? And S02 E09?
  6. Who of these characters is dead?
  7. How many sisters does Ty Lee have?
  8. Which episode is the first one in which you can see Azula?
  9. Who are Li and Lo?
  10. How many times used Katara blood bending?
  11. How many scars has Aang after 'The Crossroads of Destiny'?
  12. Why did Zuko lose his firebending in 'The Firebending Masters'
  13. How long was the duration of the eclipse in 'The Day of Black Sun Part 1 and 2'
  14. What was the original goal of Sokka and Zuko with going to The Boiling Rock?
  15. Which combination of element and his original bender is incorrect?
  16. How old was Zuko when he got his scar?
  17. Who did NOT participate in the invasion at The Day of Black Sun?
  18. Katara saw her mother, Sokka saw Princess Yue, but who did Aang see?
  19. What's the correct order of age starting with the youngest?
  20. How many episodes was Appa lost, including the one he got lost and the one he came back?
  21. After the failed invasion, where did Team Avatar go?
  22. How many members has the Order of the White Lotus?
  23. Which episode is called 'The Tales of Ba Sing Se'?
  24. How many battles have been fighted between Zuko and Azula in BOOK 3?
  25. How many times did someone desert from the Fire Nation's army?
  26. At the end of the final episode, Team Avatar came together. Who wasn't there?
  27. In 'The Ember Island Players', who was the only one who was 100% content with his/her character in the play?
  28. Who of the two old women (Li and Lo) got banished?
  29. What's the name Azula gave to Omashu?
  30. How many times did Zuko and Mai break up?

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