What Avatar the last airbender character are you

hi please take my what avatar the last airbender character are you quiz i worked 34 hours on it no lie... avatar is my favorite show so please take it

You better take my quiz or else i will have prince Zukko distroy all of you with fire bending. So please take my quiz if you dont want zukko to burn u

Created by: toph lover 101
  1. How would you defend yourself in a battle?
  2. Whats your favortie food
  4. Favortie element?
  5. What do you think of aapa?
  6. Which word discribes you the best?
  7. Whats your life goal?
  8. Whats your bigest fear?
  9. How much do you watch avatar the last airbender?
  10. Moooooooooooo!!!!!

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Quiz topic: What Avatar the last airbender character am I