Avatar The Last Airbender Quiz

In Avatar: The Last Airbender there are main characters, some tough, some responsible. For example, Aang, he is fun-loving, and playful.Do you want to know who are you from all of them? Maybe Aang? Or Katara? Or Sokka? Or Toph? Or maybe another character.

In the quiz, you will see many kinds of questions, some about episodes, some not. So try my quiz, so you can know wich character you are, and maybe, learn about yourself. So, in short, enjoy my quiz.

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What is your gender?
You want to go to the beach, what choice of waves do you like?
Big waves! THIS IS FUN!
Small waves please, I want to relax in the water.
I don't care really, whatever you want. I'm on the shore, working my tan.
Fire Nation soliders show up. What's your style of fighting?
SNEAK ATTACK! (Someone hits you)
The Fire Nation has captured you, and put you in a metal cage. What do you do to break out of the cage?
Easy! (Breaks cage)
You run and waterbend your sweat.
You ask to put yourself in a wooden cage and break the cage with earthbending.
Burn the metal cage to bits.
Wait for the right moment and then burn the cage to bits.
Use your sword and hit the cage with it 24 hours until it breaks.
You escape to a famous ice cream restrant, what do you eat there?
Rocky road with real rocks!
Can I melt the Ice Cream?!
Famous Pi Sho Ice Cream.
Roar and Sqeak
You leave Ba Sing Se. What do you think?
What will happen to the tea shop?
I'm gonna burn my daddy soon! YAYYY!
This was the worst city ever!
I really missed you when you weren't here Appa!
Roar and Sqeak
You go to a water source. What do you do there?
Scrub Appa's toes.
Pratice Waterbending
Stay on a rock and stare.
Burn fish.
You look at an album, you remember memories from your nation. What is your nation?
Water Tribe
Earth Kingdom
Fire Nation
Air Nomads
What is your favorite animal?
Flying Bisons (or Myself)
Cat made out of rock?
Burning Bunny?
Pi Sho Monster
You hate yourself, why?
Because you burned Katara's hands.
You lost the earthbending tornament
Because you know how to bloodbend
Because of Ant Wu! I'm lucky! (gets hit by a pine cone)
Why should I do that
Because I didn't burn everything
You go to sleep, one what?
On Appa
In a water tribe sleeping bag
On the earth
In bed

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