Independent/Dependent Clauses

There are many people in life who are grammar challenged. Don't worry if you get a bad grade on this quiz. It's there to teach you about independent/dependent clauses so enjoy!!

Now let's see how much you get on your quiz. Remember don't get stressed out. It's only ten questions, so get in there and fight!!!!! You can defeat those clauses!!!!!

Created by: ARB
  1. Where is the dependent clause in the sentence: Since I have internet, I can parade around the streets.
  2. Independent clauses can stand by themselves.
  3. Find the independent clause in the sentence: I got caught up in the moment since it was such a great party.
  4. Dependent Clauses begin with words like when, since, until, and because.
  5. Where is the dependent clause: Because I am cool, you can't touch me!
  6. Easy question: There are three types of clauses in grammar. Independent, Dependent, and Santa.
  7. Where is the dependent clause: When do we leave?
  8. Complex sentences are made out of one dependent and one indepent clause.
  9. Find the independent clause: Until you give me a hug, I shall sit in the corner and pout.
  10. Where is the dependent clause: When the sun began to shine, the kids ran outside.

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