Are You REALLY Independent?

Are You Really Independent? Now days girls and guys are all about the "I'm a boss.", and "I'm independent" Well here's your chance take this fun quiz and find out if you really are what you say you are

So are YOU truly "Independent" or is it all a front? Are you just fooling yourself (and trying to fool others) or are you the real deal? Find out Now!

Created by: Lady S.
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How You get around?
  2. When you go shopping, how to you pay for your things MOST of the time?
  3. Who Buys Most of The Clothes You Wear?
  4. Do You Now Or Have Ever Had a Job? (Yes self employment counts)
  5. You can Leave and Return to Your House...
  6. Do You Take Care of, Help anyone else?
  7. Your Personal Style is
  8. When Someone asks who takes care of you what is your answer?
  9. What Would You Rate This Quiz?
  10. What are the chances you will check out more of Lady S. Music?

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Quiz topic: Am I REALLY Independent?