Are you an Independent Woman?

There are many types out women out there in the world, but few that are truly independent. Our current culture is such that women think they need to be something they are not.

Are you an INDEPENDENT WOMAN? This quiz will tell you the answer. For those of you who definitley not, you can learn from these questions some examples of how you can become more independent.

Created by: Alycia
  1. When you are out by yourself and want something to eat you:
  2. Your car breaks down and you:
  3. Your friend calls and says she just found cheap tickets for a cruise. You:
  4. Have you ever been to the gun range?
  5. You're taking a heavy box out of your car when a man walks by. You:
  6. You buy a new desk from Office Depot, the instructions are in spanish(which you don't speak). You:
  7. Could you support yourself financially?
  8. When a fine strange man compliments you:
  9. When you are walking down the street:
  10. Do you like men to open doors for you?

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Quiz topic: Am I an Independent Woman?