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  • This quiz topic is important and the questions are interesting but the answer choices do not target independence as a characteristic. For example, holding your head up but not making eye contact with passersby is an east coast NYC cultural characteristic. It should not be treated as an indicator of female independence. Whether someone has been to a gun range may have ore to do with political beliefs than independence. Putting a desk together from pictures rather than text instructions is something I do even when they're written in a language I understand. I prefer graphic instructions so I wouldn't bother taking it back if it had diagrams, which most such instructions do. Question 8 does not have equally viable answers because there is no choice that says it doesn't bother me.

  • U should try to be less sarcastic in the answers, they come off as rude and actually kind of stupid, confidence doesn't have anything to do with divorce rate, the statistics for divorce really depends on the compatibility of the couple. So good quiz but maybe change the answers a little bit, so some ppl wont be butt hurt or salty lol.. Just a suggestion


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