Which ''Golden Girl'' are you?

Starting in 1985, The Golden Girls was a show that quickly grew to be a hit. Featuring problems controversial at the time, and a cast of four vibrant independent woman, it has easily become a classic of it's own.

Each character brought with them their own magic. Whether it was Dorothy and her sarcastic humor, Rose and her quirky silliness, Sophia and her old-world wisdom, or Blanche and her...well...luck with the men, at some point we identified with all of them. Now, you can find out just which one you are like the most.

Created by: Shawn K.
  1. You are sitting in a cafe when a cute guy comes and sits by you. You notice he is reading the same magazine as you. What is it?
  2. Deciding you might have something in common, you say hello to him. You exchange names, and find out you also share a favorite TV show. What is it?
  3. Both of you head to your place to watch the show. You both get hungry, so you decide to head to your kitchen to come up with dinner. What are you serving?
  4. What are you drinking with your meal?
  5. It's getting late, so the cute guy asks you what you want to do. What are your plans?
  6. After your night, he makes plans with you for the weekend. After he leaves though, you realize you have a date with another guy on the same day! What do you do?
  7. After the weekend, you decide you deserve a nice vacation. Where are you going?
  8. Before you head out, you go to the mall for some pre-trip shopping. Where do you go first?
  9. Your trip was a blast. You get home late at night, but aren't quite ready for bed. Any plans before sleep?
  10. Just as you're falling asleep, you realize you have to go out to town tomorrow, and decide to plan your outfit. What are you wearing?

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Quiz topic: Which ''Golden Girl'' am I?