Golden Girls ultimate quiz!

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This quiz is not an easy, simple one....It is for die-hard Golden Girls fans only!! They involve questions that only a devoted Golden Girls fanatic would know!

Do you consider yourself a serious GG fan? If you have seen every episode too many times to remember and think you know the show inside & out, it is now time to prove it!! (The first 2 questions are from the website company, sorry lol)

Created by: Kimberly F
  1. What is Clayton's partner's name?
  2. Dorothy, Blanche & Rose went on vacation, but their hotel room was awful compared to the picture from the brochure. How did the bed vibrate?
  3. In the episode "The Case of the Libertine Belle", what color was Blanche's dress?
  4. What did Rose buy for Marguerite, the housekeeper?
  5. How did Blanche and her wealthy boyfriend Richard get to their dinner date?
  6. When the ladies went to Phil's funeral, what was he wearing in his open casket?
  7. How did Blanche learn that George had cheated on her?
  8. Blanche thought the book her sister wrote was about her so they argued....they finally make up in the end of the episode.... What is the last thing they look at as the credits start?
  9. How many wives has Stan had?
  10. Who fainted when Blanche announced that she was pregnant?
  11. Who was Emily?
  12. Who was the one who wanted "Golden Girls" to end?
  13. Why was Blanche so against her father marrying his girlfriend Margaret?
  14. Who needed a hearing aid?
  15. Before Blanche convinced Rose to give Miles a naughty picture of herself for his birthday gift, what did she originally buy for his gift?
  16. What was the appetizer when Dr. Jonathan Newman went over for dinner?
  17. In the episode, "The Way We Met," when Rose gave her cat to a little boy, what did he want to name him?
  18. Who thought it was her fault Sophia & Max's pizza stand burned down?
  19. What TV show did Blanche want to watch (and Dorothy was against) when they had the flu?
  20. "And what did you win this time? A vasectomy??" Who said that to who?

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