Which "Golden Girls" Character Are You?

Each person in the world contains a bit of each Golden Girl. We all have are moments of wit, like Sophia. Of charm, like Blanche. Of idiocy, like Rose. Of pessimism, like Dorothy. We're all a well-blended mix of these traits... but one trait will always dominant the other. So, here's my question...

Which Golden Girl are you? Are you the smart-mouthed Sophia? The naively-sweet Rose? The lusty Southern Belle, Blanche? The sarcastic, intelligent Dorothy? Answer these few questions! Your true Golden Girl will be revealed if you do!

Created by: wisdoMMonkey
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  1. You have the opportunity to take a job doing something you have always dreamed about. You jump at the chance! What job would you be jumping to have?
  2. You've just went on a date, but your dream guy turned out to be a real dud. Your initial reaction would be?...
  3. You just received a letter from your hometown... who was probably the sender?
  4. You're in a bad mad and it seems like nothing can cheer you up! The day has just been awful! What happened?
  5. You end up needing surgery... what is the operation for?
  6. You enter the room in a stunning dress. After giving your best twirl, you turn to your friends. They're liking to (jokingly) say you look...
  7. What would be something major that would really make you look at life in a new perspective?
  8. In your group of close friends, they would describe you as the...
  9. You do a bit of spring cleaning. You open an old box and find one of your favorite things... What did you find?
  10. Out of the people in your life, you've always held a grudge against...

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Quiz topic: Which "Golden Girls" Character am I?