Do you know golden sun?

Golden sun is a very complicated game there aren't many G S geniuses. Many people are smart and really know there stuff but let's face it, they aren't geniuses.

Are you a golden sun genius? This quiz will test you knowledge of golden sun with many brain busting questions and hidden trick questions. Now find out if your a golden in genius. Good luck!

Created by: Ak

  1. Which of these is not an adept?
  2. Which one is not silent?
  3. The lighthouses came in which order?
  4. This one is hard. What do the heads of the doom dragon represent?
  5. Who summoned the doom dragon?
  6. Did Alex survive the golden sun
  7. Which is not a responsen in golden sun dark dawn (golden sun 3)
  8. This is merely for fun it won't effect the answer, whos fault was it that the grave eclipse was caused
  9. Who in dark dawn is not royalty out of these four?
  10. After the Apollo lense what colour is the beatmans fur
  11. How many golden sun games are there?
  12. Finally, Who said to be Amitis dad

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Quiz topic: Do I know golden sun?