Golden Galaxy Knowledge

How Golden Galaxy are you? We'll never know. But if you take this quiz, we might get the accurate results...and we'll see your final score. Try your best to get your 100% going on there!

Just to let you know, that this quiz is created for a website. You can take it if you want, just to see how Golden Galaxish you are! Good luck to you!

Created by: Angie Napier of Golden Galaxy Official Website
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  1. Who are the three girls in Golden Galaxy?
  2. Who are the three boys in Golden Galaxy?
  3. Which girl is a ghost in Golden Galaxy?
  4. How did Angie get in Golden Galaxy?
  5. Who is Opal?
  6. Which girl lived in Land Of Luxury?
  7. What do you have to do to get in Golden Galaxy?
  8. What is Golden Galaxy filled up of?
  9. What is Stephaney's land?
  10. How do you get from one land to another?

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